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Binzel Binzel TIG Torch Set Accessories WP 18

Model: WP 18 | Part Number: 3.199.300.303
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Rp. 5.778.000

Rp. 3.465.000


WIM WIM Tig Accessories

Model: ACCS-ES1600-T | Part Number: 3.016.603.900
1 x 4m TIG torchset (WP-17V) | 1 x 2.5m Welding cable with earth clamp | 1 x argon regulator

Rp. 2.396.000

Rp. 1.440.000


WIM WIM Tig Accessories

Model: ACCS-ES1200-T | Part Number: 3.012.603.900
1 x 4m TIG torchset (WP-17V) | 1 x 2.5m Welding cable with earth clamp | 1 x argon regulator

Rp. 2.216.000

Rp. 1.330.000


WIM WIM Water Cooling System Welding Machine WCS 33

Model: WCS 33 | Part Number: 3.033.603.910
Voltage - Frequency : 220 V - 50 Hz | Current Consumption : 1.1 A | Pump Capacity : 10 L/min | Tank Capacity : 8 L | Weight : 17.3 Kg | Dimension (LxWxH) : 522 x 315 x 319 mm

Rp. 18.560.000

Rp. 11.140.000


WIM WIM Foot Control Padel SFSC-0002

Model: SFSC-0002 | Part Number: 3.002.603.900
Foot Switch Control Set for ITG 300P/500P AC/DC

Rp. 8.376.000

Rp. 5.030.000


WIM WIM Foot Control Padel SFSC-0001

Model: SFSC-0001 | Part Number: 3.001.603.900
Foot Switch Control Set for TG301P AC/DC

Rp. 8.376.000

Rp. 5.026.000

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